I still don't have an official site name.


By joining this site, you agree to these rules.

  • If you upload a video - do not upload one featuring pornography, language, or anything else that you wouldn't want your grandma to see. (This will result in video removal or ban.)
  • Don't be trollin'. (Nobody likes trolls.)
  • Everyone has a right to their opinion.
  • Don't make pointless forums just to take up space. (What good does that do?)
  • When you respond to a forum, make it related to the subject. Whats the point in responding if you aren't going to make a good response? (You won't get banned, it would be helpful if you followed this rule though.)
  • NO SPAM! PERIOD! Nobody likes a spammer. This rule will not be loosely inforced. Don't assume you can last long trying to get away with.

Special Updates

I can't take form submissions at this time! If you send a form submission I will probably not be able to respond for a while.

Also remember that the forums are still blocked out from limited members, and you must get special permission to use the forum.

4/2/2013 the site has 95 members now. Unfortunately I know for a fact that most of them are spammers. I will clear them out over time, I just have to run through and check to make sure people are legit.

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Finally! I have affiliates! Woo!

^Newgrounds is a referral link, though I'd love to affiliate them!(This goes to my Newgrounds account.)